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How Does This Work?

It's easy - Just Register...Compete or Complete...Document...Submit...  Choose...Win!

Whether you are in the Participatory or the Competitive Class, being a part of the New England Virtual Triathlon is EASY!

Register: Entry is ONLY $40, and gains you automatic entry into the Event Raffle!

Compete or Complete:
RACE on ZWIFT or complete the distances on your favorite hometown loops!

Keep track of your race/event on STRAVA, Garmin Connect, MapMyRide, MapMyRun or simply evidence your journey with social media.

When you have finished the race, just fill out our simple submission form, and...

All event finishers receive their choice of a 'Grab Bag' item from our great Event Supporters! Each time you choose a 'Grab Bag' item, that Event Supporter receives $5 of your entry fee.

In addition to the 'Grab Bag' item, all finishers will receive $20 worth of live event race vouchers from our Race Directors

The typical 'Grab Bag' item is valued at about $25. Add to that $20 worth of live event race vouchers...Entry into the Event Raffle...And your $35 entry fee has paid for itself, and more!

Upgrade your entry for $25, and receive a commemorative New England Virtual Triathlon t-shirt (shipping + handling included), with proceeds benefitting The Greater Boston Food Bank.

Participatory Class

The Participatory Class is built for those who want to reap the rewards for doing what they already do! A duathlon or triathlon format, to allow athletes the opportunity to gain credit for the form of participation that they are most comfortable with. Don't have an accessible body of water, or don't feel comfortable jumping in just yet? Take on the duathlon challenge! Ride inside, outside, on trails, with the family...The same with the run. The Participatory challenge is NOT a race! It is a way of staying involved and connected to our sport, with an eye towards being able to do live events soon. 


Competitive Class

The Competitive Class is built for those who have the required equipment and want to RACE! A duathlon race format, because we don't want athletes to feel pressured to swim in water that they may not feel comfortable in, in order to be a part of this great event. ZWIFT Meet Up functionality, because we are not going to ask our athletes to race their bikes on open, un-permitted roads.


Still Unsure?

We'll walk you through...

Check Out Our Athlete Help Desk

Through June 25th, we will be available for live 'in-person' ZOOM chats each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, from 6-6:30 PM EST to answer any questions that you may have.